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Escape for Real is one of Milton Keynes' leading escape room operators, specializing in high-immersion, real life gaming with the use of high tech puzzles, giving the customer the ultimate gaming experience.


Games Master
Type of job: part time

The main purpose of the job is to host escape games and ensure the best possible customer experience from the moment the customer arrives until they leave. This includes ensuring that the rooms are properly prepared and that a safe and appropriate environment is always maintained.

We are looking for game masters to take the customers' enjoyment to the next level. Not only do our game masters have a keen eye for detail, but they are skillful in multi-tasking and can communicate effortlessly with players. We are looking for game masters that are upbeat, enthusiastic, and confident in themselves to work unsupervised.

If you believe this fits your character and ambition, please get in touch with us via email jobs@escapeforreal.co.uk or the form below. We will be happy to hear from you!

If you are applying for a part-time job please provide us with information about your education, previous work experience and what days and times you will be available to work.