Portable escape rooms


Our portable games Zero Crystal and Pirates of Zero World are unique mystery boxes full of electronic devices.

Their challenging puzzles, impressive light and sound effects will instantly turn your house into a professional escape room.

You will be buzzing for hours afterwards!

"A great way to spend an evening!"

Highly recommend the 'at your place' activities. Great alternative to visiting an escape room and just as thrilling! We did it for a work Christmas do so everybody could be involved. The extra puzzles were an added level of difficulty (which we actually probably didn't need!) Fab customer service and the whole process from booking to collection was super easy.


We absolutely loved the game, rented it for our family Christmas gathering and everybody had a great time!


We did both of the play at home escape boxes. Because we don't live close, we were able to sit in the on site café to play the games there. We knew these were going to be good because of how good the escape rooms are here, but they were even better than we thought. Both boxes are hi tech and involve lots of problem solving. We did both of the extra boxes as well which we really enjoyed.


Both game kits were really engaging - with just the right difficulty level to challenge our scouts and keep them working hard. Not only did the kids really enjoy themselves, but as with all good Scout Troops, they took the opportunity to tick off some all-important badge work along the way!
Some quotes from the Scouts: 'I loved the lights!', 'It was great when we won the crystal!', ''We were definitely the best team!' and 'Best Scout meeting ever!'
Most of the Scouts had tried Escape Rooms in the past, but these games were unique as they were delivered to the Scout building and provided a great experience for everyone to join in with. It really was a great way to spend an evening!



If you choose the "Delivery and Collection" option we will deliver the kit to your door. The default time of delivery is 11:00 AM on the day of your rental. If you would like us to deliver the kit at a later time, please pre-arrange this by calling us at 07878678424. Please note that you need to be at your address at the time of delivery, otherwise we won't be able to give you a refund.

The maximum distance we will normally deliver the game is 10 miles either from Newport Pagnell or from our storage facilities in Great Denham (Bedford). Please check the distance from your place before you choose the delivery option. If you live further away please give us a call at 078786 78424 to arrange for a special delivery.

If you choose the free "Collect and Return" option you will be able to pick up the kit from us at 11:00 AM on the day of your rental.

At your place


You will have the kit for up to 23 hours. With the "Delivery and Collection" option, please make sure the kit is ready for collection by us by 10:00 AM on the day following the renting date.

With the free Collect and Return option, you are required to return the kit to us between 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM on the day following your renting date. If you would like to return the unit before then, please pre-arrange this by calling us at 07878678424. Please note that if you don't let us know of the time of you returning the kit, there might be nobody there to receive it from you.