Exciting escape room in the north of Milton Keynes like no others

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Cutting-edge Technology

Say goodbye to traditional padlocks! Immerse yourself in high-tech escapades with our unique electronic devices, some exclusive to our country.


Interactive Adventure

Experience hands-on excitement! Solve puzzles not just mentally, but physically interact with our gadgets.


Simultaneous Challenges

No waiting around here! With multiple puzzles to crack at once, large groups of up to 10 players can dive into the action together!


Personalised Celebrations

Make memories that matter! For special occasions like birthdays or celebrations, we tailor the final puzzle to reflect the personal experiences of the guest of honour.

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Combining the excitement of the Crystal Maze with the immersion of a high-tech escape room, Portal has long become the most favourite room with escape room fans!



From using a morse key to working out a sequence of colours or scanning ID cards - getting to the gem in this case will stimulate the brain cells!



To open the secret compartment, your team will need to put together jigsaw puzzles, work out an enigma encryption, read maps, let a ship sale along its way, and do a lot more!

Who is it suitable for?

Escape for Real escape rooms in Milton Keynes Newport Pagnell Bedford Northampton family friends activities parties

Friends and Families

Escape for Real escape rooms in Milton Keynes Newport Pagnell Bedford Northampton friends students activities parties


Escape for Real escape rooms in Milton Keynes Newport Pagnell Bedford Northampton gamers friends activities parties


"Challenging, heart-pumping and just loads of fun!"

Excellent, clever and interesting puzzles. A good sci-fi theme. I don't want to give anything away but essentially it is solving things to find things to use to open things. Many parts to contribute to a whole. I've done a few escape rooms so far, some of the best rated in the UK and this was comparable to any of them. Quite hard but we escaped with 45 seconds to go!

Aiden, London

Challenging, heart-pumping and just loads of fun! My friend and I visited Escape for Real twice over the space of a few months and was blown away at how great each room was. Being completely hooked on escape rooms, me and my friend have done a fair few now, however I say with confidence nothing compares to the fun had at Escape for Real. Both rooms have the perfect balance of challenging puzzles and interactivity that you don't see with most other escape room companies. They steer away from the traditional lock and key approach by providing a truly unique and thought-provoking experience. This is perfect for anyone new or existing to escape rooms!

James, Turweston

One of the best escape rooms I have attempted.

Mark, Bedford

Loved playing Portal! Interesting puzzles and a cool story. If you're a beginner it's a great escape room to start on as it's focused on the electronic puzzles, and if you're a pro then e4r is quirky and different from other escape rooms! It was easy to get to from Bedford and the hosts were lovely and welcoming.

Tom, Bedford

Absolutely Amazing evening at escape for real. We were a group of 6 adults 2 children, funny challenging experience we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Brilliant birthday event for our dad/grandads 60th.

Carli, Hitchin

We had an absolute blast. The games were not the traditional combination locks setup very sophisticated. There were three rooms and the puzzles were fully engaging. The rooms were clean. It kept us all on our toes! This experience is a little gem and both the owners and staff should be rightly proud of!! Well done! ....and yes we did make it out within the hour!

Sharon, Olney

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